Swiss4Syria school


In January 2016, Swiss4Syria opened a school in Tyre in the south of Lebanon.

The aim is to help vulnerable children improve their options for access to education.

The school provides informal education to refugee children aged 5 to 15.

The Community Center is a safe place for over 150 students living in disadvantaged communities of Lebanon.

In addition to school education, the center offers instruction to raise hygiene awareness and various leisure activities such as sports or field trips.

To encourage older students to continue attending school, S4S has started a vocational training program aimed at young people aged 15 to 35 years.

The program teaches technical skills such as computer and AutoCAD programming as well as the English language.

Furthermore, S4S has assured the funding of a school for children with special needs that will start with tailor-made therapeutic lessons in January 2021.

Lebanese teachers and a bus driver work at the center. Hence, S4S also uses the opportunity to create jobs in the surrounding communities.

The Hirschmann Music School

Swiss4Syria will expand the school by opening a music school in 2021 to provide group music therapy to refugee children.

Music-based and creative activities are an ideal form of therapy for children from difficult backgrounds who have to deal with social, behavioral and emotional problems.

The children can relieve stress and calm down through the sounds of music.

Communication is also strengthened and improved and children find creative ways to express themselves through movement, singing, listening and following the beats and rhythms of music.

The Hirschmann Foundation is committed to the project with CHF 30'000.


Partner of the Hirschmann Foundation is the Association S4S, Meilen/CH