Student Debate
about Future

Project Idea

University students who are holding a Hirschmann scholarship debate future issues that seem important to them.


Project partner is the Think Tank foraus, which supports an informed dialogue among students: independent, scientific, and relevant.

Foraus has developed a structured discussion platform for future issues by the name of policy kitchen:

It enables not only participants to contribute their own ideas, but also to discuss and further develop them within the network and during workshops. Thus, mutual understanding and listening are of high importance.

It is the network participants who come up with topics, discuss them and assess their relevance.

Thus, the platform enables participants to actively contribute to social policy issues by initiating a public debate on their own ideas.

Ideally, the debate will result in future perspectives and new solutions that will meet with approval.

The aim of the discussion is to clarify the topic, the lines of conflict, and communication opportunities.

The Hirschmann-Foundation is supporting the Dialogue Pilot Project 2020/21 with CHF 85,000.




Partner of the Hirschmann-Foundation is the association foraus.