Young Entrepreneurs
in Myanmar

Against Violence and Crime
Paths to Independence

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the poorest countries in the world; armed conflicts and crime are part of people’s daily lives in numerous regions.

The project “Young Entrepreneurs” is conducted in the regions of Kachin and North-Shan, both located in the North-East of the country.

The project is the result of a local initiative that was launched by the Burmese NGO “Moving Forward Together” (MFT):

It trains young sole traders in marketing their agricultural produces and processed products, as these are the skills they need to build up an independent future.

The aim is to show them the paths towards independence, away from violence and crime.

Since 2019, the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) has been MFT’s Swiss partner.

Training and Development

The training helps participants acquiring necessary theoretical and practical skills in agriculture and business management.

In a first step, agricultural experts offer experience-oriented courses and field trips that teach promising and sustainable cultivation methods.

In a second step, the participants will engage in a hands-on training to learn how to manage a small independent business.

The following topics will be covered: accounting, dealing with authorities, quality management, communication, marketing, team work, social responsibility.

Moreover, the opportunities of cooperating at local and regional markets will be pointed out to the participants.

The Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the project.

The Hirschmann-Foundation is funding the project from 2020 to 2022, contributing a total amount of CHF 80,000.


Swiss partner of the Hirschmann-Foundation is the Swiss Academy for Development (SAD).

The NGO Moving Forward Together (MFT) and the youth group Saung Saee are the local partners in Myanmar.

Website: Swiss Academy for Development (SAD), Biel