Sustainable Finance

A Research Project
at the University of Zurich

Implementation of global parameters

The project by Dr. Xenia Karametaxas, researcher at the University of Zurich, examines how global financial regulations can promote the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDG) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

The study follows an interdisciplinary approach at the interface of law, finance and economics.

The research results are to be published in internationally recognized, open-access journals and will contain reform proposals and policy recommendations.

The results will also serve as the basis of a habilitation thesis.

Interim Report June 2021
an excerpt

During the first 6 months of the project, my focus was on Sustainable Financial Regulation and Financial inclusion through digital finance of the project.

lmportant literature that I have been studying include, among others, the books "Making the financial system sustainable" by Paul Fisher (Cambridge University Press 2020), as well as "The exclusionary politics of digital financial inclusion: mobile money, gendered walls" by Serena Natile (Routledge 2020).

A relevant event was the entering into force of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) on 10 March 2021, the first of many regulatory initiatives originating from the EU's 2018 Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth.

It aims at clarifying the duties of financial institutions regarding the integration of sustainability considerations into their investment decisions, while also promoting transparency. The SFDR introduces a binding transparency framework for European sustainable investment products and a certain harmonization on the definition of what constitutes such products.

Due to its innovative character and its technical complexity, the SFDR generates a lot of attention in the current scholarly and policy debate on sustainable finance.

I decided to approach the topic of the SFDR from a Swiss perspective by exploring how Swiss financial institutions are impacted by the new European regulation. lndeed, even if many Swiss financial institutions are not directly bound by the new European requirements, they will come under market pressure and therefore feel the push towards more transparency.

My research project has drawn the attention of the International Academy for Comparative Law ( For the upcoming General Congress of the Academy, which will take place in October 2022 in Asuncion (Paraguay), I have been appointed Special National Rapporteur on the topic of "Green Finance and protection of the environment: an efficient couple?".


Fonds zur Förderung des akademischen Nachwuchses (FAN), University of Zurich, UZH Alumni.

The Hirschmann-Foundation is funding the project with CHF 80,000 in 2021